Who are infotsyganas, or the effect of Dr. Fox

To achieve great success in any business, you need to possess specific knowledge. Who is ready to share with us? Kuchi, "Business Trainers", "Psychologists" and "Guru". But only for big money and, most likely, without any guarantees. How and why we come to the hook of pseudoexperts?

Who is Dr. Fox

"The word is provided to Dr. Mairon L. Fox!»Audience frozen. Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and specialists of related specialties came to the lecture of a reputable scientist and expert in the field of mathematical game theory 1 .

Dr. Fox spoke confident and beautiful. Appropriate and witty joked, consumed a lot of familiar and unfamiliar listeners of scientific terms. By the end of the lecture, everyone was fascinated. Listeners were offered to share their impressions: they highly appreciated the knowledge of the scientist, his contribution to science and the ability to captivate the audience. Reported that they are satisfied with the cognitive lecture and are pleasantly impressed. Someone even remembered that the articles of Dr. Fox read.

And then the audience told the truth. "Dr. Fox" turned out to be an actor who had neither a degree scientist nor deep knowledge in the field of game theory. His speech was built on the basis of one article read on this topic. And the public success was associated with his personal charm and the ability to submit herself.

The authors of this experiment conducted in 1970 – Donald Naftulin, John Were and Frank Menelli – wanted to test their theory. They assumed that the students would rather raise information to report information than the content of speech. The results they have been published in the Scientific and Popular Journal Scientific American, calling this phenomenon by "seduction" in education.

"How to manage the universe, not attracting the attention of the Sanitars"

Who are infotsyganas, or the effect of Dr. Fox

"The effect of Dr. Fox" was called a psychological phenomenon, in which the charisma of the lecturer and its expressiveness mask meaninglessness or the banality of speech.

Turn on the TV, go to the Internet, and you will see many examples, how this effect works. Listen to the speech of politicians, "psychic", "business coaches", instagram-coaching and pseudopsychologists, as well as all sorts of guru – just do not confuse them with psychologists, coaches and coach, which also imagine themselves online, but have a full-fledged education.

Charismatic, charming and emitting confidence Speaker with a "well-suspended language" causes sympathy and trust. But not always he is really a good specialist. And here it is relevant to remember the term "seduction". It is they who are engaged in pseudoExperts who are gullible listeners carry money – for "consultations", "sessions" and other pseudo services.

On the Internet they are called "infotsygans", as they confidently seduce people with information garbage. For example, trainings "How to earn a million", collecting this one million for the sale of trainings for trainings. Organize master classes "how to become a successful blogger in two weeks", the webinars "get married billionaire" and other events where you will "teach".

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