Who are such functional alcoholics

A glass of wine, a glass of whiskey, a couple of beer mugs in a friendly company – what’s wrong? Moderate drink still hurt anyone. Even doctors say it is useful. Be careful, alcohol cult is developing in society: from "All under control" to serious problems.

Too much is how much?

Life is not easy thing, and alcohol allows you to briefly dispel and forget about all the troubles. His popularity is quite explained: cocktails, beer and wine are pleased. But sometimes we are too interested in alcoholic trend and do not think about a serious question: do we really treat the generation of functional alcoholics?

It is worth talking about the growing tendency to alcohol, how is the mass of justification. "I drank only in the company" – but how often do you communicate with friends? "Wine is useful for health", but how much do you use for the evening? Search for excuses – only an attempt to hide from problems.

When drinking turns into a problem?

Who are such functional alcoholics

Only when it starts to affect the health and quality of life or before? When you need to spill, so as not to go far and not to cripulate life? It can be argued that the daily dose should not exceed the quantity recommended by the US Disease Control and Prevention Center: "For women 1 serving per day, for men 2 servings per day". This is in addition to special cases. Of course, alcohol fun and happens delicious, but even in pleasure it is necessary to observe the measure.

Exceed reasonable volumes risky. What is bad – drink a glass-other, relax, chat with friends or family. Relax vital to keep a healthy psyche and normal well-being. Alcohol is empty calories, but it’s easy to add to it if you forget about caution.

You are worried that lately the partner or you yourself began to allow yourself too much? Perhaps the time to figure it out when "a lot" goes to "too. If anxiety grows, try to understand the difference between an alcoholic and a functional alcoholic.

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