Who are such guy?

Gick is a person who is passionate about the popular culture (comics, games, fantastics). However, very often precisely thanks to Gicks, subculture becomes pop culture. What is the case? In the characteristics of the character.

To understand who such gicks need to study the culture they are passionate. At first glance, it seems primitive for society as a whole. It seems that her target audience – children: computer games, comics, cartoons, all this is intended primarily for children and adolescents. However, it is due to the geac of stereotypes that games for children, and comics for adolescents, are easily refuted by real examples. Why it happens?

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The newest study suggests that the grandiose level of narcissism is manifested in the gifts 1 . In addition, in such people it is often neighboring openness to everything new. The authors of the study are confident that people become gickes to preserve the narcissistic ideas about themselves, to satisfy their need to be part of some community and have the possibility of creative self-expression. "When the daffodils do not receive recognition and praise, which they seem to be, they deserved (or because of errors, whether their grandiose fantasies are not applicable to reality), they go to the invented world where they will be in demand. Of course, this does not apply to all geac. But describes the tendency as a whole, "says Jessica McCain.

Who are such guy

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Gicks have a hot desire to be part of some society. They create it themselves, in particular using items that other people may seem toys or souvenirs. Gicky turn them into real cultural artifacts, markers of their subculture: we are talking, for example, on the figures of superheroes, models of spacecraft from "Star Wars", ring from "The Lord of the Rings" and so on.

People who, because of their hobbies, are in kind of social exile or who are perceived as children, invest more in their individual interests, which are often incomprehensible to the general public. And of course, such people find each other and between them there is a connection based on these strange interests.

Who are such guy

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