Who are such hysteries

Faints and convulsions for which only a hundred years ago learned hysterics, today you will not see. But hysteria exists today. Look at the world of people who make one grand performance out of our entire lives.

Say the word "hysteria", and you will most likely be presented to the crowd of football fans at the moment when their team scores a victorious goal. But better remember someone from familiar who always seeks to be the center of attention and is trying by any means to cause interest. Such a person in the smallest details describes everything that happens to him. In communication, he is busy only, his clothes are often extravagant, and the mood is changeable: he laughs loudly, and in the next instant it throws into tears. "Hysterical", "hysterics" – they talk about women and men around, and it sounds almost like an insult. However, the Word itself, before entering the daily use, appeared in medical and psychoanalytic vocabulary.

Rehabilitation of hysteria

Sudden mood swings, fainting, memory loss, paralysis – these diverse and changeable symptoms Hippocrates called hysteria. He believed that it occurs only in women: because of the long sexual abstinence of their uterus ("hysteria" – from Greek Hysteron, "Matika") becomes mobile and, "wandering around the body", presses other organs, causing such strange states. But many centuries most of the doctors still considered these manifestations with simulation or the result of self-sustaining and called hysteria not a disease, but the "great pretender". And indeed, hysterical symptoms were manifested only in the presence of spectators, were safe (falling, a person did not hurt) and did not contradict the norms of behavior in society (in the XVIII century, fainting in the public was considered a sign of aristocracy).

Men as an exception

Like anorexia, hysteria in the overwhelming majority – the disease is female. Moreover, psychoanalysts believe that hysteria in men affects their female side: sometimes it is manifested exclusively by pain in the stomach, symbolizing pregnancy desire. As stated in the Psychoanalysis dictionary, the result of a male hysteria is "the boy’s decision to stay in the feet of women and realize virility through the seduction, stating itself as creating a unique and mysterious".

The man in question is – an impregnable Don Juan, who needs to be tend to decide to a love date, and who considers a luxurious gift to host his consent night in bed with a woman. In short, this is by definition unbearable beloved!

Only in the middle of the nineteenth century, the French neurologist Jean-Martin Shakot rehabilitated hysteria as a mental illness and convinced doctors to take it seriously. What made his student Sigmund Freud, who considered hysteria one of the types of neurosis. Freud suggested that the causes of hysterical behavior of his patients lie in the sexual sphere. In particular, it can be caused by violence, experienced (or naphantazed) as a child. The memory of this is so unbearable for a woman, which is supplanted into the unconscious, but continues to know about himself hysterical manifestations in which Freud has seen a simulation of orgasm.

Later, he came to the conclusion that hysteria is connected with the Oedic complex – the unconscious attachment of young children to the parent of the opposite sex. Usually girls will develop a desire to connect with his father, identifying themselves with the parent of their sex – with the mother.

In the event of a hysteria, Freud saw an irresistible Oedipus complex – the unconscious reluctance to separate from the Father, leading to sexual immaturity and problems with sexual "self-determination". It is the depressed sexuality that breaks through in the form of bodily symptoms or inadequately strong emotional reaction. Not everyone succeeds to successfully survive Edipov phase, so in many of us there are hysterical traits. That is why the psychological portrait of the hysteria sometimes seems so familiar.

Eternal game

"Who am I to you?"," How do you appreciate me?". Our need is constantly convinced that we are desirable that the other appreciates us and approves, and there is the main consequence of the hysterical component. Thus considered the outstanding French psychoanalyst Jacques Lamba.

The paradox is that a man suffering from hysteria, he is trying to initiate a desire in another, to achieve a passion to him, but very soon himself is scared of this passion. To remove it from her and facilitate the alarm that he causes sex (too real, landed, animal), the hysterical turns its existence in theatrical framework, where everything is a continuous illusion, where he constantly plays emotions, as if referring to the audience, whom he need to be touched and seduced.

And what are the audience? "At the beginning of dating, they are fascinated – communication inspires ease and ease," Svetlana Krivtsova existential psychotherapist says. – But imperceptibly relationships are complicated: the words of the partner are still fascinated, but annoying indifference to other people, non-compliance with the agreements and violation of personal borders – hysterics do not feel when it should be stopped, causing awkwardness inappropriate frankness or tactlessness. Their unpredictability, enthusiasm, the mood differences cause an irresistible desire to interrupt relations ".

Talking body

Amazingly constant concern about the sexual side of life turns the whole body into an erogenous zone. Eyes, ear or knee can at the level of unconscious to fulfill the role of genitals. Sexuality beats the fountain of all the time, which is expressed in somatization, that is, the appearance of physical symptoms: temporary blindness, colitis, skin diseases. These painful states appear and disappear inexplicably, without visible reasons.

"For example, a woman who is brought up in rigor, considering masturbation with something shameful, can lose the ability to move by hand," explains the psychoanalyst Nancy Mc Williams. – This phenomenon is known as "glove paralysis", when only a brush of hands is affected (it does not have a neurological reason what real paralysis has, covering the entire hand) ".

Hysteric unconsciously presents himself to the doctor as a riddle that he must solve. Symbolically, she gives the body as a gift from science, demonstrating all new and new strange symptoms, refusing to recover on time or the most unexpectedly reacting to drugs. The doctor becomes a kind of viewer-rival partner, with whom you have to meet often. Today, in the era of sexual liberation, hysteria has lost the bright manifestations that were Slav in the past. No longer meet convulsions or frightening paralysis, but the body continues to talk about spiritual disadvantages.

Who are such hysteries

Male women

We often dream to be someone else. For hysterics it is easy: the unrecognized of its sexual essence ("I am a man or a woman?") Browsing it to the implementation of this dream! Refusing to be limited to the framework of reality, the hysterical woman defends the right to be the one who she wants to be, and plays one for another different roles not worse than the movie star. Meeting with hysteric, we never know which side it will appear to us.

In the morning, she may be a boys in the tip, to dinner – a fatal woman, and in the evening collapsed into bed, imagining himself to anyone who does not need a rhylard. In her psyche there is a male and female, yin and yang, active and passive. Hence the strategy of seduction that anyone can pose: actively conquer, passively surrender, and it is worth something to get too close – to flee. Such a woman introduces erotica in the most innocent relationship, in the depths of the soul, dreaming only about High Love! She continuously intrigues, plays mysteriousness, but requires us to see her under all masks.

Often they say that she is frigid and that is why it can control the body and emotions. Psychoanalyst Jean-David name in the book "Hysteria, or a magnificent child of psychoanalysis" comes to just opposite conclusions: Rather, she succeeds in an incomprehensible way to experience orgasm, not being given to another even at the peak of pleasure, "not engaging her personality in relation to a partner.

Dissatisfaction as a lifestyle

Dissatisfaction – our common lotion, but the person prone to hysteria, it develops into a lifestyle. Hysterical woman feels unhappy victim experiencing endless frustration. The more surrounding try to please her, the more she (instead of rejoice) thinks about what she is missing. On the day when the object of her desires makes it clear that she succumbed to Charm, she immediately loses a love feeling towards him. Inner Tomorrow, which sometimes leads us to the idea that, we have everything, we would have nothing to wait more from life, it acquires a frightening scope. She imagines that, if all her desires were satisfied, she would die from longing.

Neurosis in good

Chronic dissatisfaction with life often turns hysteries in forever grumbling or strolling people. However, it happens on the contrary – neurosis gives hysterics energy, forcing them to move forward and improve the world that surrounds them.

In search of such a world, which will finally come true and where no one will experience frustration, they can engage in politics or charity, participate in social movements and defend the need for change. So Berta Pappenheim (one of the patients of Sigmund Freud, which he described under the pseudonym Anna.) I became the first woman in the world – a social worker, devoting himself to helping the extramarital children and girls who were raised by violence. So we owe many hysterics. And the hysteria, acting within us and forcing it always to wish more, is not so bad, as we sometimes seem!

Who are such hysteries

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