Who (except parents) will help teenage?

If parents are difficult to find the words to talk to their child about sexuality, if they are confused, and the teenager shies away from communication and does not appeal to the advice if the need for medical or psychological assistance has arisen, then the best place to contact any teenager – this is Clinic, friendly to young people, consider doctors Alexander Kulikov and Elena Meshkova and expert UNICEF Karina Vartanova.

The article was created specifically for the joint project Psychologies and the UNESCO Office in Moscow "Teens Territory: Travel Guide for Teenage Parents".

In the usual children’s clinic, teenagers are treated from colds, gastritis, headaches. Teens are embarrassed to talk with a doctor who treated since childhood, about the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, or about unwanted pregnancy. And to go to the gynecologist do not risk – she scribbles, mom will tell, nothing really will explain. How to be?

From time to time in different audiences, consisting of specialists working with adolescents, we ask how confident they are able to protect our younger children from all and all kinds of risks – inevitable for any teenager. At best there are one or two positive responses. We do not know if they do not know how to prepare our children to adulthood. Averaged parent, according to psychologists, spends 8 minutes a day for conversations with his own child. These 8 minutes include questions about studying, whether the garbage has been put out. Meanwhile, every day of our children is tormented by a variety of questions, they fall into difficult situations, it happens to them and difficult. At 14-16, when it seems that the whole world is against you, when there are no problems, anxiety, doubts formerly, and there is no one who wanted to trust, to speak, who could be advised – where to go? To teachers? But the difficulty of Pubertat is worried about them much less than the audibility issues. To parents? Not so easy to speak out loud what you care. To doctors? But to what? In the children’s clinic? And what’s there: Blurry waiting for the doctor’s premium next to the parents who taucumber breast babies? In the female consultation, where you can face your own mom, a neighbor, teacher? In a leather-venereologic dispensary or AIDS center? From one name becomes uncomfortable. The best – if nearby there is a clinic friendly to young people.

Who (except parents) will help teenage

Teenagers are no longer children, but not yet adults. They need a special approach based on the principles of accessibility, voluntary, goodwill and trust. It is on these principles that the work of speculative youth clinics and health centers is being built. In the clinic, friendly to young people (CDM), teenagers and young people receive medical, psychological and social assistance focused on their age. From other institutions, CDM distinguishes the presence of personnel specially prepared for working with young people, which refers to her good, tactfully, respectfully and unbiased, enjoys confidence, strictly observes the confidentiality. Any teenager can voluntarily, carefully, unaccompaning parents to contact CDM and receive medical care or consultation for free, which makes the youth clinic available. The legislation of the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia gives the right of minors to independently apply for medical help from 14-16 years. So, in Ukraine and in the Republic of Moldova, teenagers can do this from 14 years old, in Russia – from 15 years, in the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan – from 16 years.

Elena Meshakov – Candidate of Medical Sciences, pediatrician of the Higher Category, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Deputy General Director of the National Children’s Specialized Hospital "Okhmatdde" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Who (except parents) will help teenage

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